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rice cleansing gel

rice cleansing gel

Beauty in Rice Cleansing Gel
Beauty in Rice Cleansing Gel
Beauty in Rice Cleansing Gel

Patent No. 10-0659512 Product Beauty in Rice Cleansing Gel, made of rice and herbs, is highly effective in skin moisture, whitening and protection. Besides it is Korean Patent product No. 10-0659512. Made of rice and herbs, it is a natural cosmetic-intensified product. It helps skin protection, whitening and wrinkle alleviation as a cleansing product with high washing effect.

Active Ingredients

Rice Extract/ Herb Extract/ Hyarulonic Acid/ Fruit Acid/ Human Oligopeptide

Directions for use

Use the product when washing face in the morning and evening by lathering with two to three drops and wash with water.

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